Transform Your Bodyshape – My Best Method

June 7, 2011 by  
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I have written my personal experience and success with weight loss on the About page. Just click this link to share my story.

My conviction is that there are three essential ingredients to a successful weight loss and fitness program.

1.       Nutrition
2.       Exercise
3.       Commitment and lifestyle.

My additional advice is not to take water over your head. Don’t make drastic changes to your lifestyle. Instead, make one simple change at a time but make it a permanent one. This particularly applies to your diet. Did you know that there are more than 50,000 diet books on Amazon and a prominent health and medical website lists no fewer than 89 different diets. They can’t all be right, can they, and the problem you have is to find a diet that you can live with and one that produces the results you crave. The truth is that the entire weight loss industry is full of myths, contradictions and outright lies.

Those of us who fit into the “baby boomer” generation were told to quit fatty foods like red meat and butter to forestall the development of heart disease. Later we were told to quit carbohydrates like breakfast cereals because they contain sugar levels that can produce diabetes. The latest research tells us to east like the “cave men”: vegetables, fruits and lean meat. The key is to eat foods that “burn fat”. More accurately, they improve your metabolism which in turn burn more fat.

I always believed that exercise involved long and tedious cardio workouts like jogging or peddling an exercise bike. Not so, I have discovered. A simple 45 minute workout done 3 times a week, combined with a healthy diet will product amazing results. I personally like what is called “interval training” in which you alternate intensive 1 minute exercises like sprinting with 2-3 minute sedate exercising like walking, then repeat the cycle several times.

The most difficult step is to overcome what I call “the resistance barrier”.  Most of us don’t like to change our lifestyle, do we? However, it is essential if you want to transform your bodyshape, become fit and full of energy and enjoy the   pleasure of looking at your new bodyshape in a mirror. Make a plan, stick with the routine for 30 days and you just won’t want to quit because you will feel such an improvement in the level of  your fitness and energy.