The Foods that Fight Aging

December 24, 2012 by  
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This is a MUST-READ if you want to protect your skin, organs, muscles, and joints from aging…

Mike Geary, of “The Truth About ABS” fame, has turned his attention to what he claims to be his newest passion – Healthy Eating and Nutrition.

The FREE article, referenced by the first link below this post, will identify the #1 worst food (marketed as “healthy”) that harms your blood sugar levels, and how this also ages your body faster. This particular food also happens to be the subject of the top ranked Nutrition book on Amazon, a book written by a medical practitioner.

Mike has partnered with Catherine Ebeling to release a brand new manual called “The Top 101 Foods that FIGHT Aging”, and they’re celebrating this release by offering this little gem to you for UNDER ten bucks! That’s a whopping $30 savings by grabbing it today. Once you know the No1 worst food the causes aging, continue on to find out what particular foods PREVENT aging. I have the book myself and I  can thoroughly recommend it as an eye-opener.

The manual is MUCH more than a list of foods… it’s actually 83 pages jam packed with all sorts of unique foods, herbs, spices, teas, little-known nutrients, and dozens of other tips and tricks to help you FIGHT the aging process and keep youthful joints, skin, organs, and muscles so that you look and feel 10 years YOUNGER than your real age!

I think you’ll love this new manual as it has so many powerful tips that will protect your health and the youthfulness of your body.

Here’s the links you need:
The WORST Food that CAUSES Aging
The Top 101 Foods that FIGHT Aging.