Obesity and Fat Loss: Cause and Cure

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image Obesity and Fat Loss

Did you know that there are now 500 million people worldwide, including 41 million children, who are obese. A person is classified as obese if their Body Mass Index (BMI) exceeds 30.0.

The obesity epidemic marches on unchallenged.

Even more disturbing is that research has found that only 0.5% of obese men and 0.8% of women have been able to attain a normal body weight.

Such an abysmal recovery rate is shattering for people who have to accept that, once obese, it is extremely difficult to burn the excess body fat and return to normal body weight.

Are you one of the people who feel trapped carrying excess body weight?

If you have followed the media on this subject you have probably seen dozens of articles describing a variety of causes and possible cures for this debilitating fate. None of them helped as evidenced by the terrible recovery rate.

But…there is now light at the end of the tunnel.

Genetic mutation causes obesity

Research published in Aug/Sep last year at first looks like a huge hoax. It is only when you take note of the reputation and eminent qualifications of the researchers involved that you have to sit up and take notice.

Researchers from Harvard and MIT have published their findings in the New England Journal of Medicine following research collaboration between institutions like Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth and Cambridge. Their proceedings were also published by the National Academy of Science, so the credibility of what has become known as the “Baby Boomer Gene” is impeccable.

Here’s what the researchers have to say. Following the end of World War II, more precisely in 1946, a human genetic mutation, apparently caused by environmental conditions, occurred. As a consequence, this genetic evolution affects people up to the age of 70 or less.

Researchers knew as early as 2007 that a gene called FTO (Fat and Obesity) was associated with obesity but not in which specific way. It is now known that people affected by this genetic mutation were born with a dangerous fat causing gene. It causes energy from food to be stored as fat instead of being released into the bloodstream as energy.

We can now understand the cause of the obesity epidemic as the research has found that people with this gene mutation are 250% more likely to become obese and stay that way. To repeat, people born after 1946 are 250% more likely to become obese. With this gene active, your chances of staying skinny are close to zero, the researchers found.

That is the bad news. The good news is that this fat causing gene and its function can be turned off. In other words, you can re-program the body to burn fat instead of storing fat.

The researchers found a new way to control metabolism so that fat cells either stores fat or burns fat. YOU have the ability to turn these genes off so that fatty acids are released and burn off as energy. The metabolic process associated is called thermogenesis which, when activated, causes fat cells to dissipate energy as heat, instead of storing it as fat.

The metabolic processes involved in re-programming the gene mutation are fairly complex. However, you can read more about it here and here.

It was also revealed that the gene mutation was found in 44% of Europeans, but only 5% of black people and other genes cause obesity in with some people in some parts of the world.

Regrettably, there is no immediate therapeutic procedure available to re-program the gene. Researchers are currently working with academic and industry to transform their findings into therapeutic solutions for obesity.

While there is no immediate cure for switching off the fat burning gene, there are definitely slower but effective methods available to burn off excess body fat.

Weight loss in perspective

Each individual diet program comes with its own unique guidelines about nutrition and exercise; what to eat, when to eat it, how often to eat, how and what exercises to perform. Their common failure and, in my humble opinion, the profound lack of success people achieve, comes down to the fact that they do not convey KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING on HOW the body burns off excess fat permanently. The fundamental principles are in fact quite simple and  straight-forward. Success in weight loss rests on four core principles: NUTRITION, PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, COMMITMENT, AND KNOWLEDGE. You must force your metabolic process to release and burn stored fat as energy. This cannot happen while your body digests foods you have just eaten, and before “reserve” energy stored in your liver as glycogen has been depleted. Once this has happened, the body has no choice but to find and burn energy from your stored fat cells. These fat cells – triglycerides – are formed when you consume more food than the body needs for energy and when the liver can no longer convert and store additional calories as glycogen. Beyond this, extra calories are stored in fat cells for later use. They are difficult to dislodge but it is quite possible. I argue that you simply cannot and will not succeed unless you acquire knowledge and understanding on how your body, your metabolism and your hormones react to your lifestyle choices in terms of nutrition, physical activity, and commitment to weight loss.

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