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Hi, my name is Alex and I provide articles about nutrition and fitness training that can and will transform your bodyshape if you have the commitment to stick to a simple, daily routine.

It happens to most of us. As we approach middle age or beyond, our body weight escalates, we progress from “M” to “L” to “XL” to “XXL” size clothing, we become unfit, breathless at the slightest effort, and we wish it wasn’t so . Why does it happen?

I think we all know the answer:

  • Our life style is sedentary and without enough physical exercise.
  • Our diet is unhealthy. We need to look VERY critically at the ingredients the food industry and soft drink suppliers put into their products.

What can we do to reverse the trend so that we can look and feel in good shape, feel sexy and pleased with ourselves? I myself have fallen for the common traps that can best be described as “a road to nowhere”.

  1. Go to the gym 2 — 3 times a week with no specific workout plan and no knowledge of how to effectively burn body fat.
  2. Concentrate on cardiac exercises, like treadmill or exercise bike sessions, that may improve your fitness but do not burn body fat.
  3. Continue consuming processed foods, fried foods, soft drinks, biscuits, cereals and other packaged foods.

It got me nowhere, my waist did not shrink an inch. There had to be a better way.

The Better Solution
The “better way” really does not involve anything more than a bit of basic research and being methodical. These are my conclusions:

  • Proper nutrition has to be combined with workout routines that burn fat. If you have not heard it before, there are “fat burning foods” (foods that improve your metabolism) and there are foods that prevent fat burning.
  • Long, tedious cardio exercises are not necessary. The solution lies in fat burning “interval” training.
  • Finally, and this is where most of us fail, you need to commit to a plan. You cannot commit to “something”, you need an action plan, a step-by-step plan to which you can commit yourself.

The only plan that will succeed is one where you implement one change at a time and you make this change a permanent one. Then proceed to the next. You just cannot drop everything that has been part of your daily routine in favor of something drastically different. Change bit by bit and you will succeed.

An effective weight loss or abs training program must be designed as a combination of workout routines and a fat burning diet. Did you know that there are more than 50,000 books about diet on Amazon and even the experts cannot agree what is good for what purpose. However, it is easier to keep up to date with recent research on effective training methods. The good news here is that you need not punish yourself with long, tedious workouts that must be repeated every single day.

The first rule is to stay away from weight loss supplements like pills and be very cautious about so-called miracle machines. Be aware that many diet magazines are owned by the same people who promote supplements and machines.

How Can I Help
My commitment to friends, and friends of friends, is that I am sharing a personal experience that finally worked for me. I am not a physical training instructor, nor a nutritionist. I am a fitness enthusiast and I have simply found my own way and it has worked for me. My friends now tell me that I can present myself as 10-15 years younger than I used to be. Voila, I feel good!

How To Get Started
What you do not need is an expensive personal workout and nutrition program. Instead, you need to “feel” you way forward.

I have a Facebook fanpage where I offer you some “freebies” Just click the “Free Gift” tab on this page and download several reports that tell you how many of the “musts” we were told about nutrition and exercise are misleading in the extreme. Life evolves and new research reveals that the very recommendations on which we were brought up are the very causes of poor health and poor fitness.

I AM recommending a paid product on this blog which I myself have acquired and from which I have benefited immensely, but I do so by first offering free introductory offers on my fanpage. I can’t be more honest than that. Enjoy or dispute, the choice is yours.

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