How To Lose Tummy Fat At 40+

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Do you struggle with your weight and body shape? Do you have a slow metabolism, and are you yearning for a leaner, well-toned body, without endless dieting and struggle? If all has failed so far, let me share a smarter approach with you. Experience real success, and see how you, too, can be looking good with less effort.

Is fat loss the same as weight loss? No, it is certainly not. You may be losing weight with a diet program but the likelihood is that it is doing little or nothing about permanent fat loss.

Diets do NOT work and there is a sound physiological reason why this is so. Still, there are more than 50,000 books about different diets available at Amazon and a respected medical reference site lists more than 85 diets. You’d be well advised to look elsewhere for a solution.

Let us talk about permanent fat loss which is really what you want to achieve. The reasons why we accumulate body fat and why obesity has become a worldwide epidemic are very plain. The reasons are poor nutrition, frequently in combination with a sedentary lifestyle with an inadequate level of physical exercise. Nutrition is the real culprit. It is no exaggeration to state that the multi-billion dollar food, farm, agri and fish industries have progressively poisoned an entire generation. And it’s been done with the full knowledge and co-operation of the regulatory bodies that as supposed to protect our health.

Lets’ start with nutrition

  • I bet you have a fair bit of knowledge about the variety of physical assets that you own; items like your computer, car, washing machine and fridge. You basically know how to avoid neglecting these assets, don’t you? How about you own body which is, after all, the most complex asset you possess?
  • I also bet that you seek consumer data and recommendations before you purchase major assets like a car, fridge, TV, washing machine and similar high cost items. This is common sense and gives you the knowledge to make wise decisions.
  • Now, consider this question. What precise knowledge do you apply when you select the food items you buy at the supermarket and the foods you order from a restaurant menu or as a take-away?

Stop and think! Do you just buy/order what tastes nice, or buy items that your family or children like? Do you order on the basis of what is quick and easy to prepare?

The naked truth is that we do NOT use basic common sense and knowledge to safeguard and feed our bodies the nutrients it needs. We do the very opposite. We buy convenience products that are full of harmful chemicals, sugars and fat instead of the nutrients that our bodies really need. Why is this so? We don’t set out to poison our physical products, so why do we neglect the most precious asset we have? This is why obesity is now a worldwide epidemic, complete with the 30+ serious health risks that it invites.

The problem lies firmly entrenched in our modern lifestyle. One significant manifestation of this lifestyle is the countless supermarket shelves stocked with plastic wrapped processed foods that are anything but healthy. The other convenience we have accepted is the fast-food industry that serves us junk food that we often wash down with soft drinks that are full of sugar. We are also the victims of misleading advertising campaigns that have been going on for decades.

If you really want to reduce fat fast, then stop this rot and start learning the simple, essential steps to permanent fat loss. It involves nutritional changes, the acceptance that exercise and/or physical activity is required and finally some commitment on your part. You need a PLAN and you need to measure your progress. "If you don’t measure what you are doing, then you don’t know what you’re doing!"

Regardless of what various health and fitness magazines tell you in their advertisements, there are NO quick and easy solutions like pills and food supplements. You just have to take the hard decision to start eating healthy foods and do some exercises to build up your lean body mass in order to boost your metabolism so that you body can burn fat faster.

The Real Secret to Reduce Fat Fast

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The secret on how to reduce fat fast centers on nutrition and an exercise program that improves your lean body mass so that your metabolism can burn more calories. There just aren’t any “miracle” cures; they are a fantasy.

I keep saying it over and over. You can flatten your stomach only when you implement the following requirements:

  • Planning, goal setting and commitment.
  • Good nutrition.
  • Regular exercise.

Goals are the means by which you do what you know as apart from knowing what to do. The goals you set for yourself should be the result of proper planning. You then need commitment to start and stick with your program. Do not take water over your head by making radical changes to your lifestyle all at once; you will not be able to handle the many issues that come with changing ingrained habits. Implement a single change per week but make it a permanent change.

The most effective approach to commitment is to write your goals as if you have already achieved them and then to create images in you sub-conscious mind of how you look and feel with your acquired achievements. Create “live” images and visualize them every single day until they are firmly entrenched in your mind. This is the secret method by which you can program yourself to get rid of stomach fat. You will, for example, have a vivid image in your mind that tells you not to eat junk food. When tempted, your sub-conscious mind will kick in and cause you to act in accordance with your mental images. “I don’t eat junk food”. Believe me; this is effective as long as you continually visualize your goals and the images you have created about yourself.

If you have tried and failed with various diet programs, you may as well accept that it is physiologically impossible to permanently reduce stomach fat by starving yourself. Your body has an inbuilt defense mechanism that kicks in automatically when you start a conventional diet program based solely on a reduced calorie intake. You will lose muscle as well as fat and your body metabolism will slow down as your body tries to conserve its energy. When this happens, fat loss ceases abruptly.

If you react by reducing your calorie intake further, your metabolism will slow down further. It is a battle you cannot win and you will give up and put your body weight back on again. Slashing your calorie intake without doing some exercises simply slows your metabolism, deceases your lean body mass (muscle vs. fat ratio) and triggers you body’s starvation response.

Fat loss and weight loss are NOT the same. The only solution to permanent fat loss is to combine proper nutrition with exercises that improve your lean body mass. An increased muscle to fat ratio will boost your metabolism which, in turn, will burn fat. The more muscle you acquire, the more calories your body will burn. With this combination, you can easily establish the calorie deficit that IS needed in order to burn your belly fat.

To get rid of stomach fat, you must reduce your intake of saturated fat and refined sugars and eat a variety of natural, unprocessed foods with plenty of fiber. Eat small but frequent meals and drink plenty of water. The fluid in which all metabolic processes occur is plain water.

How To Lose Tummy Fat in Our Modern Society

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As you advance in age, you probably come to a stage when you look at yourself in a mirror and quietly ask: “What happened?” You have trouble getting comfortable when sitting down and when lying down to sleep. You get flustered as soon as you have to walk uphill and you are having trouble with your shoe laces. We can smile and accept these minor inconveniences but there is a far darker side to the issue of excessive body fat. It is now a recognized fact that obesity is a worldwide epidemic. It has spread from America to Europe and now into Asia. It is caused by a convenience lifestyle characterized by lack of physical activity and poor nutrition. Sadly, it is accompanied by some 30+ health issues that include diabetes, cancer, coronary heart problems, osteoporosis and many other “modern” diseases.

We have lost just about every aspect of living in a “traditional” society where physical labor and the growth and consumption of natural foods were the foundations of daily life. Modern industrial societies produce stress and time conflicts between work and family and we succumb to the need for relaxation and “quick fixes”. Need I mention anything more than the typical evening in front of a TV set with junk foods like ice cream, potato chips and unhealthy soft drinks?

Fast food outlets like McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Donut King, Swenson and many others have spread worldwide and into Asia. They are obviously not the sole suppliers of unhealthy foods; the processed food industry that stock our typical supermarket shelves with plastic wrapped processed foods are a major cause for the prevalence of obesity. We don’t exercise and we simply eat the wrong things. However, let’s be honest and not blame them. They don’t force us to eat their food products.

Starting regular exercises to lose weight may seem impossible, so you may have tried diet programs or slimming supplements. The sad truth is that neither diet programs, nor slimming supplements work. You need to improve your lean body mass (muscle o fat ratio) in order to boost your metabolic rate so it can burn more excess fat. If you don’t believe this, then consider that a weight loss program based solely on a calorie deficit triggers what is called a “starvation mechanism” in your body that will stop your weight loss progress dead in the tracks. Your body will simply try to preserve energy by burning less fat.

Many of us come to the stage where we feel the need to pursue fat loss in order to lose weight.
It is never too late to get started with fat loss. Getting started is the only essential step in finishing something. You need to plan and acquire some knowledge about nutrition and exercise. Most importantly, you MUST commit yourself to action. There is no need to embark on some life changing program that is going to turn your entire life upside down. Make small changes, make them permanent and progress slowly. You have the rest of your life to accomplish what you want; the main thing is that you make this something a commitment.

Forget diets, there are sound reasons why they don’t work and you can find these reasons my post titled The Real Secret to Reduce Fat FastChange your nutrition as a step-by-step progression, start some form of exercise that will build up your lean body mass so that your metabolism is restored to the stage where it will burn belly fat. Explore this blog and find the secret to reprogramming your sub-conscious mind with images that naturally and effortlessly guide you towards success. Accept permanent fat loss as a challenge and make the journey a fun one.

There are a variety of resources on this website that can help. Check out the table of post for a full list of my articles on nutrition, fat loss and exercise. resources.

Transform Your Bodyshape – My Best Method

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I have written my personal experience and success with weight loss on the About page. Just click this link to share my story.

My conviction is that there are three essential ingredients to a successful weight loss and fitness program.

1.       Nutrition
2.       Exercise
3.       Commitment and lifestyle.

My additional advice is not to take water over your head. Don’t make drastic changes to your lifestyle. Instead, make one simple change at a time but make it a permanent one. This particularly applies to your diet. Did you know that there are more than 50,000 diet books on Amazon and a prominent health and medical website lists no fewer than 89 different diets. They can’t all be right, can they, and the problem you have is to find a diet that you can live with and one that produces the results you crave. The truth is that the entire weight loss industry is full of myths, contradictions and outright lies.

Those of us who fit into the “baby boomer” generation were told to quit fatty foods like red meat and butter to forestall the development of heart disease. Later we were told to quit carbohydrates like breakfast cereals because they contain sugar levels that can produce diabetes. The latest research tells us to east like the “cave men”: vegetables, fruits and lean meat. The key is to eat foods that “burn fat”. More accurately, they improve your metabolism which in turn burn more fat.

I always believed that exercise involved long and tedious cardio workouts like jogging or peddling an exercise bike. Not so, I have discovered. A simple 45 minute workout done 3 times a week, combined with a healthy diet will product amazing results. I personally like what is called “interval training” in which you alternate intensive 1 minute exercises like sprinting with 2-3 minute sedate exercising like walking, then repeat the cycle several times.

The most difficult step is to overcome what I call “the resistance barrier”.  Most of us don’t like to change our lifestyle, do we? However, it is essential if you want to transform your bodyshape, become fit and full of energy and enjoy the   pleasure of looking at your new bodyshape in a mirror. Make a plan, stick with the routine for 30 days and you just won’t want to quit because you will feel such an improvement in the level of  your fitness and energy.


The Obesity Paradox

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Is there a direct association between obesity and ill health?  A number of studies have found a direct association between higher body mass index (BMI) and the risk of diseases like diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular problems.

Why, then, is it that some people are obese but healthy and happy. It leads to an obvious question: “If you are fat but healthy, should you bother about losing weight at all?”

There are several interesting paradoxes about obesity. Let’s have a look at the most well-known of these. Studies originating from the Winston-Salem State University of North Carolina confirm the existence of these paradoxes and look at the reasons why some people are clinically obese but do not attract obesity-related diseases. The study found that 25-30% of obese people present normal blood glucose and normal blood lipids. Here are the reasons why this is so. Read more

Bodyshape and Sixpack ABS – How to Plan for Success

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Are you looking for the fastest method to lose weight or, if you are younger, a quick method for acquiring a six pack abs.   Will it be a gym workout schedule, home based workout routines or a regular morning or evening jogging program? If you choose any of these methods you may need to be very patient because it is not the quickest way to lose weight fast.

I will share my personal experience and couple it with the quantitative research I have done on this particular subject. While patience may possibly the final ingredient in a successful program, there are more important factors that will determine whether you succeed or fail.

As human beings, we tend to resist changes, particularly to our daily routine or to our life style in general. Herein lies the first difficulty with a bodybuilding or weight loss program. The very first thing you must do is to establish a strong motivation for change and translate this into a realistic goal. What precisely is it that you really want to accomplish?

Here is a road map I myself have used with some success: Read more

How to Lose Fat Fast – Myth vs. Facts

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You should do cardio exercises in the morning on an empty stomach

There is no specific advantage in doing cardio exercises on an empty stomach. In fact, slow and boring cardio exercises are NOT the most effective method to reduce weight. If you want to lose weight fast, then interval training is a far more effective solution and you can do this at any time in your own home. Interval training consists of mixing regular exercise routines with high energy intervals. For example, you can repeat a pattern of jogging for 4-5 minutes then sprinting for 45 seconds to a minute.

You should do all your cardio exercises in the fat burning zone

The so-called “Fat Burning Zone” is a defined “stress” or “energy” level where you supposedly burn your body fat. Not so! As already stated, you need to mix your regular exercises with short intervals of high energy, burst type of exercises.

You must do cardio exercises every day

Save your breath! There is no need to punish yourself with long, daily workout routines. Well designed home exercises of 45 minutes duration done 3 times a week is sufficient for losing weight rapidly. However, you need to combine these workouts with a proper weight loss diet.

You only start burning fat after you exercise for 20 minutes

This is another nonsense. The truth is that we burn fat all the time, even while sitting down. It is true that exercising accelerates fat burning but there is nothing magic about the duration past 20 minutes. The more effective way is the short, burst exercise system that achieves better fat loss in less than half the time of regular cardio workouts. Combine this with eating fat burning foods.

You cannot lose fat and build muscle at the same time

Yes, you can! Current research shows that men and women can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. Discover the short, burst exercise system that will help you boost your metabolism, increase your fat loss, and burn belly fat, and then make your choice.

You need to do hundreds of crunches and sit-ups to lose belly fat

Back breaking stomach crunches and sit-ups will not burn the belly fat that covers your abs. Instead, you should use fat burning interval training coupled with total body abdominal exercises.

You can buy a miracle working six pack abs machine in four easy payments of $29.00

These abdominal exercise contraptions do not burn belly fat, the only thing they flatten is your wallet.

You have to use fancy machines at a gym

It is a well known fact that many abdominal machines are dangerous for your lower back. You can achieve a better result by doing simple, safe and effective abdominal bodyweight exercises and interval training at home.

The Reason We Need Strong Abdominal Muscles

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You need strong abdominal muscles because they are your “core” muscles and they determine our core strength and fitness.


Your body places quite a bit of pressure on your core abdominal muscles. They give your body endurance and strength so it can perform its tasks better. Try standing up for 12 hours, just standing up. Your legs will tire because they need to be active but other parts of your body will also tire quickly.

By strengthening your core muscles you gain “core fitness”. You will be able to do physical activities better, for longer and with more intensity. People with poor core strength will find everything much more difficult as they will tire more easily.

Endurance activities and hard work do not come naturally to us. With poor core fitness, you will find your endurance flagging quickly and everything becomes much more difficult to accomplish. You may experience pain and your body will simply not do what you want it to do.

It is only when you are lying down resting that you also rest your core muscles. Work on your abdominal muscles and you will reap substantial benefits. The most basic tasks will become easier and you can accomplish more strenuous tasks longer and with improved intensity. As a result, you will feel fresher and in far better shape.


The Keys to Lean Body Shape

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It is reasonable to assume that most people know and understand that the solution for losing weight and acquiring a lean, fit body is based on two main ingredients which are:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise

Both require commitment and planning. However, drastic and immediate changes to your lifestyle will fail because the changes need to be consistent and permanent. To make things easy on yourself, try to make one change per week and commit yourself to making the change a permanent one. You need to develop a plan and stick to it if you wish to obtain results.  Let us first talk about nutrition. Read more