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Is there really something like fat burning foods, a term commonly used in the fitness industry. If you search for this term on the Internet, you will certainly get an affirmative response and a wide variety of information that detail fat burning foods. However, I think the concept of foods that burn fat needs some explanation.

What makes more sense is the fact that certain foods boost your metabolism, a set of chemical processes in which organic compounds are broken down to provide heat and energy (catabolism). The overall speed at which the metabolic processes occur is termed its metabolic rate and herein lies the fact that certain foods boost your metabolism. The higher your lean body mass (muscle vs. fat ratio), the higher your metabolic rate and the more calories you burn.

You need to eat healthy foods to lose weight and also build up your lean body mass so that your body burns fat. Muscle is your metabolic furnace and the more muscle you have, the more calories your burn, even while you sleep.

In previous posts, I have emphasized the need to combine good workouts with a diet that focuses on fat burning foods that boost your metabolism. Here are six simple steps you can take. Make one change per week to make it easier on yourself but make it permanent.

Eliminate Dessert Food for Breakfast
Do people really eat dessert style foods for breakfast? How about muffins, sugary cereals, and bagels? These foods can readily be classified as sweet deserts. Avoid these if you want to lose fat fast.

Eat Sensible Portions through the Day
Stop binge eating late at night. A pint of ice cream and a bag of potato chips while watching late night TV will make you fat. Avoid this and have a bigger late afternoon healthy snack and a healthy dinner later in the evening.

Leave the Junk Foods on the Supermarket Shelves
Avoid buying what we call “sweet treats” and replace them with bowls of fresh fruit. I guarantee that you will quite quickly lose your craving for sugar. If your household demands sweet foods, make healthy foods visible and hide the junk in the back.

Substitute Processed Foods with Natural Foods
This is what the processed food industry does not want you to know. Processed foods are all “modified” foods including bread, biscuits, cereals, chips, fruits canned in syrup and much more. Replace these foods with fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts. You probably need a few examples so try eating an apple with your eggs in place of nutrient-free white bread, combine your steak with some broccoli in place of french fries and eat some raw nuts with your morning coffee in place of sugared cereals.

Cut the Sugar from Your Sport Drinks
Most sports drinks that supposedly boost your energy are laden with sugar. Read the drink label. You don’t need a sugar injection either during or after exercising or playing some sport. Drink water and add one or two pieces of fresh fruit. You definitely do not need to force sugar into your body during or after exercising. What your body really needs at the end of your exercise is carbohydrates.

Find a Nutritional Plan That Works and Measure Your Progress
Calorie counting is not only difficult but is essentially a complete waste of time. As Isobel del Ros, the founder of the nutrition plan I recommend, correctly says: “Don’t count calories because calories don’t count”. It is the type of calories you consume that is important.

  • Combine your eating plan with regular physical exercise. A brisk 45-minute walk 3 times a week, in combination with healthy eating, will bring rapid results.
  • Measure your body weight regularly to measure progress.

The truth is that your body burns fat continuously, even while your sleep. When we talk about fat burning foods, they are foods that improve your body’s metabolism which, in turn, causes you to burn fat.

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