How To Lose Tummy Fat in Our Modern Society

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As you advance in age, you probably come to a stage when you look at yourself in a mirror and quietly ask: “What happened?” You have trouble getting comfortable when sitting down and when lying down to sleep. You get flustered as soon as you have to walk uphill and you are having trouble with your shoe laces. We can smile and accept these minor inconveniences but there is a far darker side to the issue of excessive body fat. It is now a recognized fact that obesity is a worldwide epidemic. It has spread from America to Europe and now into Asia. It is caused by a convenience lifestyle characterized by lack of physical activity and poor nutrition. Sadly, it is accompanied by some 30+ health issues that include diabetes, cancer, coronary heart problems, osteoporosis and many other “modern” diseases.

We have lost just about every aspect of living in a “traditional” society where physical labor and the growth and consumption of natural foods were the foundations of daily life. Modern industrial societies produce stress and time conflicts between work and family and we succumb to the need for relaxation and “quick fixes”. Need I mention anything more than the typical evening in front of a TV set with junk foods like ice cream, potato chips and unhealthy soft drinks?

Fast food outlets like McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Donut King, Swenson and many others have spread worldwide and into Asia. They are obviously not the sole suppliers of unhealthy foods; the processed food industry that stock our typical supermarket shelves with plastic wrapped processed foods are a major cause for the prevalence of obesity. We don’t exercise and we simply eat the wrong things. However, let’s be honest and not blame them. They don’t force us to eat their food products.

Starting regular exercises to lose weight may seem impossible, so you may have tried diet programs or slimming supplements. The sad truth is that neither diet programs, nor slimming supplements work. You need to improve your lean body mass (muscle o fat ratio) in order to boost your metabolic rate so it can burn more excess fat. If you don’t believe this, then consider that a weight loss program based solely on a calorie deficit triggers what is called a “starvation mechanism” in your body that will stop your weight loss progress dead in the tracks. Your body will simply try to preserve energy by burning less fat.

Many of us come to the stage where we feel the need to pursue fat loss in order to lose weight.
It is never too late to get started with fat loss. Getting started is the only essential step in finishing something. You need to plan and acquire some knowledge about nutrition and exercise. Most importantly, you MUST commit yourself to action. There is no need to embark on some life changing program that is going to turn your entire life upside down. Make small changes, make them permanent and progress slowly. You have the rest of your life to accomplish what you want; the main thing is that you make this something a commitment.

Forget diets, there are sound reasons why they don’t work and you can find these reasons my post titled The Real Secret to Reduce Fat FastChange your nutrition as a step-by-step progression, start some form of exercise that will build up your lean body mass so that your metabolism is restored to the stage where it will burn belly fat. Explore this blog and find the secret to reprogramming your sub-conscious mind with images that naturally and effortlessly guide you towards success. Accept permanent fat loss as a challenge and make the journey a fun one.

There are a variety of resources on this website that can help. Check out the table of post for a full list of my articles on nutrition, fat loss and exercise. resources.

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