The Reason We Need Strong Abdominal Muscles

December 16, 2010 by  
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You need strong abdominal muscles because they are your “core” muscles and they determine our core strength and fitness.


Your body places quite a bit of pressure on your core abdominal muscles. They give your body endurance and strength so it can perform its tasks better. Try standing up for 12 hours, just standing up. Your legs will tire because they need to be active but other parts of your body will also tire quickly.

By strengthening your core muscles you gain “core fitness”. You will be able to do physical activities better, for longer and with more intensity. People with poor core strength will find everything much more difficult as they will tire more easily.

Endurance activities and hard work do not come naturally to us. With poor core fitness, you will find your endurance flagging quickly and everything becomes much more difficult to accomplish. You may experience pain and your body will simply not do what you want it to do.

It is only when you are lying down resting that you also rest your core muscles. Work on your abdominal muscles and you will reap substantial benefits. The most basic tasks will become easier and you can accomplish more strenuous tasks longer and with improved intensity. As a result, you will feel fresher and in far better shape.