The Real Secret to Reduce Fat Fast

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The secret on how to reduce fat fast centers on nutrition and an exercise program that improves your lean body mass so that your metabolism can burn more calories. There just aren’t any “miracle” cures; they are a fantasy.

I keep saying it over and over. You can flatten your stomach only when you implement the following requirements:

  • Planning, goal setting and commitment.
  • Good nutrition.
  • Regular exercise.

Goals are the means by which you do what you know as apart from knowing what to do. The goals you set for yourself should be the result of proper planning. You then need commitment to start and stick with your program. Do not take water over your head by making radical changes to your lifestyle all at once; you will not be able to handle the many issues that come with changing ingrained habits. Implement a single change per week but make it a permanent change.

The most effective approach to commitment is to write your goals as if you have already achieved them and then to create images in you sub-conscious mind of how you look and feel with your acquired achievements. Create “live” images and visualize them every single day until they are firmly entrenched in your mind. This is the secret method by which you can program yourself to get rid of stomach fat. You will, for example, have a vivid image in your mind that tells you not to eat junk food. When tempted, your sub-conscious mind will kick in and cause you to act in accordance with your mental images. “I don’t eat junk food”. Believe me; this is effective as long as you continually visualize your goals and the images you have created about yourself.

If you have tried and failed with various diet programs, you may as well accept that it is physiologically impossible to permanently reduce stomach fat by starving yourself. Your body has an inbuilt defense mechanism that kicks in automatically when you start a conventional diet program based solely on a reduced calorie intake. You will lose muscle as well as fat and your body metabolism will slow down as your body tries to conserve its energy. When this happens, fat loss ceases abruptly.

If you react by reducing your calorie intake further, your metabolism will slow down further. It is a battle you cannot win and you will give up and put your body weight back on again. Slashing your calorie intake without doing some exercises simply slows your metabolism, deceases your lean body mass (muscle vs. fat ratio) and triggers you body’s starvation response.

Fat loss and weight loss are NOT the same. The only solution to permanent fat loss is to combine proper nutrition with exercises that improve your lean body mass. An increased muscle to fat ratio will boost your metabolism which, in turn, will burn fat. The more muscle you acquire, the more calories your body will burn. With this combination, you can easily establish the calorie deficit that IS needed in order to burn your belly fat.

To get rid of stomach fat, you must reduce your intake of saturated fat and refined sugars and eat a variety of natural, unprocessed foods with plenty of fiber. Eat small but frequent meals and drink plenty of water. The fluid in which all metabolic processes occur is plain water.

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