Which is the Best Diet?

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The average person would undoubtedly find that question very difficult to answer? After all, there are hundreds of different diets all claiming their virtues. If you take a look at amazon.com you will also find several thousand books all about diets and dieting. It’s a goldmine for confusion.

In terms of popularity, I would think the Atkins diet has had a good run whereas the current most popular diet may be the Paleo Diet.  Another favorite of mine, less known, is the Dukan diet. I have used it with considerable success in losing weight.

So, to answer the question as to which is the best diet, what do the experts have to say? Two medical scientists at Yale University, Dr. David L. Katz and his colleague Stephanie Miller, took it on themselves the task of answering this question: “Which diet is best?”

They examined the available medical evidence available for the mainstream diets and published their findings in the journal The Atlantic. Should we be surprised to learn that they found that no single diet was the best?

However, their findings clearly point to what constitutes healthy eating.  They concluded that the diets that recommend “minimally processed foods close to nature, predominantly plants” are best associated with health and disease prevention.

Minimally processed foods, I would think, are those free of artificial sugars and sweeteners, chemicals and preservatives. Close to nature points to organically grown produce. Predominantly plants may be debatable although vegetables and fruits should undoubtedly be part of a healthy diet. It does, however, not clearly answer the question of the most suitable ratio of carbohydrates vs. healthy fats in a diet.

The best education is to follow nutritional experts who are up to date with the latest research. Regrettably, I find a lot of nutritional advice, even from qualified nutritionists, that promote out-of-date scientific findings.

Personally, I follow 3-4 different experts who have earned my trust and these are:

  • Dr. Joseph Mercola at a natural health expert
  • Isobel del Ros who promotes her Beyond Diet eating plan and distributes a newsletter about healthy eating for weight loss.
  • Mike Geary of the well-known “The Truth About Six Pack Abs” program, who has recently turned his attention and expertise to nutritional science.

As a disclaimer, the Beyond Diet and The Truth About Six Pack ABS links have my affiliate links embedded. However, I am a fan of both these programs.

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